Meet Anil Dagia

I am a well-recognized ICF credentialed coach (PCC), a strategic consultant and a trainer with long list of clients, and protégés who freely credit me for their upward growth in career and in life. As an established NLP Trainer registered as trainer member with ANLP. I am also registered with ICF as a mentor coach.

Meet Anil Dagia

Pathbreaking Leadership

I achieved global recognition when I got my NLP Practitioner/Master Practitioner Accredited by ICF in 2014. Many global leaders in the world of NLP recognized and acknowledged this as an unprecedented accomplishment not just for myself but for the world of NLP. Subsequently, this created a huge wave of followers around the globe, replicating the phenomenon. I have conducted trainings around the globe having trained/coached over 100,000 people across 16 nationalities.

Pathbreaking Leadership

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

I have been given the title of Unconventional, No Box Thinker and I am probably one of the most innovative NLP trainer. Over the course of my journey I have incorporated the best practices from coaching, behavioral economics, psycho-linguistics, philosophy, mainstream psychology, neuroscience & even from the ancient field of Tantra along with many more advanced methodologies & fields of study. You will find that my workshops & coaching will always include principles and meditation techniques from the field of Tantra leading to profound transformations.

Unconventional, No Box Thinker

Highly Acclaimed

- Interview published on Front Page in Times of India - Pune Times dated 18-Oct-2013, India's most widely read English newspaper with an average issue readership of 76.5 lakh (7.65 million) !!
- Interview published 27-Sep-2013 & a 2nd Interview published 10-Jul-2014 in Mid-Day, the most popular daily for the Young Urban Mobile Professionals across India
- Interview aired on Radio One 94.3 FM on 27-Nov-2013, the most popular FM radio station across India

Highly Acclaimed

If you are reading this, chances are that you have faced this question either yourself or from someone to you.

If you have not come across the term Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), then you might want to read my blog post "NLP Un-Explained 1" to know how and why NLP is relevant for you.

If you have come across this term and have faced this question, then read on.

Maybe you inquired about the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and were offered some bizzare, too good to be true claims like - "we will teach your mind unconsciously and install the knowledge of NLP within you".


Or Maybe you have had some exposure to the field of NLP, have attended some NLP training and had an experience where you were unable to get the results as explained by your trainer.

If you have faced this question ever - here is the answer.

NLP Does Not Work !!

In fact it is the opposite. What works - that is NLP !

NLP is about finding out what works and doing that.


Wow !!

As the title of my post suggests, this is about un-explaining NLP so that it starts making sense and you can find it believable enough for it to be true.

The historical perspective to the origins of the field of NLP is that Dr Richard Bandler & John Grinder studied people who had achieved phenomenal success in their field of endeavour and from that extracted the "essential ingredients to success" in a form that can be taught to others.

Be it in the field of psychotherapy or business or sales or sports or any other field - NLP is about studying the "Recipe for Success".


The outcome of the study carried out by the team of Bandler & Grinder can be categorized into two groups

a) The Recipe for success for specific purposes that you can learn and apply it directly - for example language of persuasion, Phobia Cure etc.

John Grinder calls these as the Products of NLP.

b) The methodology used to study the ingredients & recipe for success - The Process of NLP.


Many fly-by-night trainers who make these tall, incredulous claims will only try to teach you the so called "Products of NLP".


At best, they might be able to have you experience some benefit of applying these products. At worst, they might leave you in a worse state than you were in before.

When you attend an NLP Certification course with any trainer worth her/his merit, you will learn & experience both these groups - products of NLP as well as process of NLP. And you will be taught these and made to experience it - consciously.


The learnings you gain thus, become generative - in other words, you will be able to apply those learnings in any area of your life, even those that were not specifically covered or discussed during your training. This is a more appropriate meaning of "teaching your unconscious mind".

Now, Just ask yourself, what will it be worth to learn how to study success and implement it in any area of life you choose ?