How To Teach Better

A lot of people take to the profession of teaching in some form or another. Whether it is becoming a teacher in a school, joining programs like Teach For India, or becoming an independent trainer - something draws people to this field.

I have been formally in the profession of training for over a decade now. I have first hand experience of knowing what it feels like to stand in front of a group of people. Explaining things to one person is challenging enough. And there you are with a group of people staring at your face and the only thought in your mind is - "Will I be able to convey my thoughts effectively?"

Even after a decade, I feel the same everytime I step in front of an audience.

How To Be More Effective?

If you, like me, get a little uneasy right when you stand in front of the audience, then it's a good sign. It means that you care for your audience & how well they receive & accept the information you wish to convey. It means you want to be more effective in being able to do so.

The key is to realize that in order to be a good teacher, you need to be a good learner. You need to learn how learning happens. Whether it is children or adults, the principles of learning are the same. Knowledge & application of these learning methodologies will create an equally effective impact on your audience irrespective of their age, nationality, ethnicity, race or culture.

How Can I Help?

I have been in the area of training, coaching & personal transformation for over a decade & have trained/coached over 10,000 people from across 15 nationalities including but not limited to Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, Dutch, Egyptians, French, German, Spanish, South Africans & many more.

During this periond, I have learned, combined & applied various learning methodologies including but not limited to 4-MAT system, Blooms Taxonomy, Inductive learning, Deductive learning and many more.You can learn this methodologies and begin to apply it in your teaching to become a more effective teacher.

It's Decision Time...

You can create the right impact for your audience. You can comunicate your thoughts in a manner that is understood, accepted & aplied by your audience. Be it a subject like Maths or even a subject like philosophy - you can become an inspirational role model - you can create this magic.

All you have to do is to contact my team to receive information about how you can.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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